Shopping Tour in Ethiopia

Tour Description

Addis Ababa offers a great shopping experience with its shopping districts and streets. Tourists will find Ethiopian crafts, jewelery, clothes, fresh exotic fruits and vegetables. The main shopping districts in Addis Ababa are Piazza and the area around Churchill Avenue.

Piazza is one of the main shopping districts in Addis Ababa. There are many small shops and street stalls in the area. Piazza is believed to be one of the favourite shopping place among women as there are many jewelery shops, boutiques, shoes stores and shops where you can buy all types of African goods.
Churchill Avenue is also one of the main shopping streets in Addis Ababa. There are numerous small shops on and around Addis Ababa’s Churchill Avenue. You can find beautiful Ethiopian crafts-, like statues, embroidery, pottery, handmade and household goods.
The area around Addis Ababa stadium is also one that should be visited if you are looking for genuine Ethiopian leather goods, like clothes and bags. The shops offer good quality leather products than many other “Made in China” products sold elsewhere in Addis Ababa.
The Addis Ababa Merkato is the largest outdoor market in the Africa, and you can get anything from tourist goods (t-shirts, wood crafts, etc.) to fabric to metal goods there. Haggling and bargaining are standard procedure. You will be able to negotiate lower prices if you can avoid brokers.
If the madness of Merkato is too much for you, Shiro Meda is a pleasant alternative. Interested in blankets or traditional Ethiopian clothing like a shemma. The Entoto Market in Shiro Meda is the place to be. Unlike Churchill Ave or the Piazza area, this is where locals go to buy Ethiopian traditional fabric products.
Friendship and Dembel City Center are Well-stocked modern shopping malls where you can shop using your Visa credit cards.