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Ethiopian Lakes are home to different species of fishes and other aquatic organisms. Many endemic and native fishes are listed in the world fish data base. A total of 200 types are listed; quite a number are endemic to Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian freshwater can be broadly categorized into three forms; Nilo-Sudanic, East and South African as well as Endemic forms. The highland lakes consist of East African and Endemic forms while the Nilo-Sudanic forms are restricted to the southern rift lakes of Abaya and Chamo.

With rivers and lakes full of a wide variety of fishes, some with extraordinary sizes, Ethiopia provides perhaps a unique and unmatchable sport fishing condition than any other African destination. Ethiopia has more than 200 species of freshwater fish including Nile perch, wide varieties of catfish, tiger fish, and brown and rainbow trout. Fishing is best just before and after the rains, from December to March and September to October.

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