Caving Painting Ethiopia Tours

Tour Description

In many areas, particularly those with limestone, rock face, underground caves and caverns Cave paintings are abundant. Caving in Ethiopia, near Dire Dawa and south eastern part there is evidence of prehistoric habitation, Muslim settlements and astonishing formations of nature. Skilled expeditions will find great opportunities as well in Southern Ethiopia in Wolayta area there lots of caves with different paintings. The following are main cave paintings in Dire Dawa and Wolayta area:

Pre-historic Rock Art Sites around Dire Dawa, Eastern Ethiopia

  • Porc Epic Cave
  • Hinkuftu Cave
  • Laga-Oda Cave
  • Goda-Ajewa Cave

Pre-historic Rock Art Sites around Wolayta, Southern Ethiopia

  • Moche Borago Gongolo
  • Black Stone Cave
  • Galto Gongolo

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