Tour to Menagesha-Suba State Forest

Tour Description


Tour Code: Tailor-made Tour to Menagesh Suba-State Forest

Attractions: Scenery, Wildlife/Wilderness, Birds, &Culture

Duration: Day trips less than, 12 hours

Transportation: Surface drive, and Trekking/Waking


Day 1: Drive to Menagesh-Suba State Forest


You will have breakfast & drive to Menagesh Suba-State Forest via Sebeta (50 Km from Addis Abeba). Finish all formalities at the Head Quarter of the park that is found 2 Km inside the park.


Hereby he can select an option of trekking/waking trails:-

1.    Main Trail – 5km, 1:30 – 2hours trekking


This trail takes visitors from the State Forest office and training center up to the Exhibition Centre (built by Degre communist Prime Minister Fikre Selassie Degu as their secret meeting place) above the forest.


This trail is a challenging walk starting at 2,440 m at the office and going to 2,900 m at the Exhibition centre. The trail ascends gently at fist through old and more recnently planted junipers. Then a bridge crosses a steep valley. Just above this is the Emperor Haile Selassie Campsite (1930 -1974) and picnic area where a permanent spring pours water into an old open tank.


2.    Tona Road – 5km, 1:30 – 2hours trekking


The trail starts from State Forest Office and ends in Suba village where the visitor can see the old sawmill and the large tree nursery. The old railway line from below the offices to the saw-mill can also be walked to reach Suba Village quickly. The railway line is only 1.7km long (built by the Italians during 1936-41 for transportation of log).


3.    The big Tree Trail – 1.5km and the tree species trail 20-30 minutes walking


The name of this trail comes from the biggest tree found in the forest. It is a Juniper tree with a trunk 8.6 in circumference. The big tree trail can be combined with Tree Species Trail that takes visitors through the area near the State Forest Office. This area has 14 tree species in it, all of which are marked with information boards.


4.    Water fall  trail – 8km, 2:30 – 3hours trekking


This trail is most impressive after rainy season in October but there is water in the river all year round. The Otto’s sawmill was originally placed in this part of the forest and then moved by the Italians to Suba Village in the 1930s. The trail takes walkers through the part of the forest that was heavily exploited in the early part of the 1900s.


5.    Dhamoch peak Trail – 5km, about  3:30 – 4hours trekking


The Dhamoch Trail takes visitors from the Exhibitions centre through Farmland in the crater to the peak of the Wechecha Mountain at 3,385 m asl.  The walk is steep and hard, but the reward is a fantastic panoramic view of the surrounding area, including Addis Abeba.


You will have a lunch in the bush (take your picnic lunch, water and other drinks, since there is restaurant).


Late in the afternoon around 04:00PM drive back to Addis Abeba. Finally, depending on your scheduled flight; you will be transferred out to Bole International Airport for return flight back home.