Gambella National Park

The park was created for the numerous larger wildlife species representative of the neighboring Sudan, particularly Nile Lechewe, White-eared Kob and the White-headed stork; in addition to extensive areas of swamp habitat that supports Shoebill.

Location: the park is situated in Gambella Region, some 800km West of Addis Ababa. The altitude of the park ranges between 400-768 asl. It is located close to the Sudan border.
Rainy season: the area receives greatest amount of rainfall that averages about 1,400mm/year. The rainy season extends from April to October. The main dry season is November to March.
Temperature: the highest temperatures are 36-40oc in November to March.

Ecological zone: western lowland

Vegetation type: Savanna characteristics predominantly swamp deciduous woodland and riparian formations.

Major wildlife species: include Roan Antelope, White-eared Kob, Nile Lechwe, Topi, Buffalo, Elephant, Lelwel Hartebeest, Waterbuck, Giraffe, Hippopotamus, Crocodile, Lion and Leopard.
Major physical/geological features: extensive swamps and wetlands.