Full – Day Addis Ababa Walking Tour

Tour Description

Full – Day Addis Ababa Walking Tour to Visit Old Historical Buildings

A brief account of the presence of foreign communities in Addis Ababa since the time of Menelik will help to understand and identify the different cultural influences that have contributed to the city’s architecture.
The Armenians, Indian (specially Indian-Muslims), and Greek community influences on the architecture style highly visible on the old part of the city; Arat Kilo, Amist Kilo, Sidist Kilo, and Pissa.


  • Visit the old historical buildings around Pissa; Taitu hotel, Bank of Abyssinia, Mohamedally house, and the residence of Dejach Wube Atnafseged.


  • Visit Arat Kilo, Amist Kilo and Sidist Kilo such as Greek Church, Yekatit 12 Hospital, Lul Gannat Palace, Armenian Church and Sanford school.