Wondo Genet (Green Paradise)

Wondo Genet which s like a green paradise, the mountains covered with forest where hot springs bubble up and also intensively cultivated with chat, coffee, sugar cane and all kind of fruit trees such as banana, mango, avocado and papaya. The Sidama farmers who make use of irrigation have several harvests in a year. Also the compound of the Wabe Shebelle hotel is a green paradise with flowers and flowering trees which make it enjoyable to relax on the veranda of your bungalow. The swimming pool which is filled with hot spring water.

You can walk for 2 – 3 hours and climb into the lush mountains that surround Wondo Genet, where you can see birds such as Yellow headed parrot, double toothed Barbet Narina's Trogon, White Checked Turaco, Black winged love bird. The local guide can bring you to a Sidama house for a visit to a Sidama farmer’s family.

Also a longer walking trip of approximately 5 hours to a nearby waterfall is possible. Ask for a local guide at the reception of the hotel. After your walking trip it is refreshing to dive into the warm spring water filled swimming pool.