Rock-hewn churches of Tigray

Tigray is recognized as the cradle of the ancient Ethiopian civilization. The Yeha temple and the Axumite monolithic steleas testify to this. Numerous archeological sites underline the long history of the region, where the first Christian state in the world was established in the fourth century. Thus the old churches of Tigray are the testimony to this history.

The rock-hewn churches are a landmark achievement of church building in Ethiopia. Lalibela being the most famous, but so many others to be found in Tigray. Abreha Atsbeha is one of the outstanding rock hewn churches, found beautifully situated between Wukro and Hawzien. The spacious high barrel-shaped ceiling contains various artful ancient works of art.

Al-Nejashi (Nejash)

It is a Muslim site in Wukro, considered by some believers as the first Isalmic settlement in Ethiopia. It is said to have been established in the 7th century following the coming of refugees (followers of Prophet Muhammd). In the site, there are tombs and recently constructed mosque. The tower of the mosque affords a nice view of the surrounding countryside.