Annual Festival of Gabra-Menfes Kidus

Annual Festival of Gabra-Menfes Kidus at Zequala Abbo Monastery; October 15: The annual day of Abuna Gabra Menfes Kidus is celebrated colorfully on Tikimt 5 (October 15) at a monastery founded by the same saint in the 12th century AD at a high top volcano Mountain of Zequala, some 80 kilometers South of Addis Ababa.

Muslims Festivals

Id Al Fatar (Id-ul-Fitr)

Id Al Fatar (Id-ul-Fitr) means the 'festival of breaking the fast'. The fast of Ramadan is broken with special prayers and festivities. 'Fitr' is derived from the word 'fatar' meaning 'breaking'. Another connotation suggests that it is derived from fitrah or 'alms'. Certain Sunni Muslims believe that fitr comes from fitrat meaning 'nature' and Id-ul-Fitr is the celebration of god's magnanimity in providing nature to man. Celebrated on the first day of the new moon in Shawwal, it marks the end of Ramadan.

Eid al Adhha

Eid al Adhha this religious event begins about 70 days after the end of Ramadan and is dedicated to Abraham's sacrifice of a sheep in place of his son. This event lasts for four days.

Birth of Prophet Mohammad/Maulid

The birthday of the founder of Islam is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy in all Muslims country through out the world. However the date for the holiday changes every year because Islamic holidays are based on the Hijri calendar.