Daily life of Addis

Tour Description

Old part of the town (partly driving & partly walking), Markets, Shopping Centre and Cultural night

After an early breakfast you will drive to Piazza at Taitu hotel (the first hotel in Ethiopia) where you will start a visit to older part of Addis Ababa. In this part of the town you will visit the Old Historical buildings such as Omar Kayamo restaurant, the first Addis Ababa Municipality office, Old post office, Mohammed Ali general merchant office, Cinema Ethiopia, Ampire Theatre, & different modern shops including Jewelry. In between Coffee stop at Tomocca Piassa.

Then drive to Merkato to visit the open air market or (if you would like to see more open space for walk & visit we recommend you the small & beautiful Shola Market). Continue your visit to Churchill Avenue, Shiro Meda for Ethiopian soveniour shops.

Finally you will be taken to a farewell dinner to Ethiopian (Habesha 2000 or YOD Abyssinia) traditional restaurant where you will taste Ethiopian food & drinks and a live music & dance.

Then back to the hotel and you will rest.