About FANOS Ethiopia Tours

FANOS Ethiopia Tours is established by skilled, certified and experienced tourism professional. The word FANOS in the Ethiopian Language, Amharic means “Lantern”. It is a device that gives light in the most rural part of Ethiopia and serves as a source of light.

The purpose of FANOS Ethiopia Tours is to give growth and development to Ethiopian tourism sector which is at its infant stage through consultancy, advice & offering quality service while keeping the industry standard.


Our mission is to become one of the leading inbound tour operators in the sector and to expand business onto wide-reaching Ethiopian destinations. We know that only quality service at fair price that meets the needs and wishes of our clients can bring us a lasting success.


In 2020 to be among the top 10 Tour Operator in the Ethiopia.

Our Unique Selling Points

  • Our tour packages are carefully designed with the big consideration of the, satisfaction, safety and the impact to the environment of the Destination.
  • In helping our clients to plan and designing personalized itineraries, we are the reliable of the best solutions. We know it is not easy for you to find an Ethiopia Tour Operator who really understand your points of interest and who respect the itinerary that you desired. Before joining a trip with us, it is important to let you know exactly where to go and what to do, show you the levels of professionalism, courtesy and truly, the propensity to look after the smallest and most insignificant details.
  • Our tours offer increasingly popular and rare (off-the-beaten-track) alternative types of travel experience.
  • We provide also unique and innovative customized programs, exclusively tailored to the particular interests, budget, taste, and schedule of clients.
  • We give a strong emphasis on introducing clients and guests to Ethiopia secret places, their unique scenery, culture and lifestyle.
  • We are the foremost inbound tour operators, distinctive for its personalized service and professionalism. Transportation provided is modern and comfortable. Accommodation is arranged with an optimum efficiency, ranging from deluxe modern to simple, charming, traditional style bungalows.

FANOS Ethiopia invites you to consult with outline of your request and interests, and allow to come up with unique and innovative itineraries. For Further Information and Price, please Contact FANOS Ethiopia Tours.

FANOS Ethiopia Tours - Your gateway to visit Ethiopia