3-Days Tour to Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela

Tour Code: 2 Days Tour to Lalibela, Ethiopia
Attractions: History, Religion, & Scenery
Duration: 3 Days & 2 Nights
Transportation: Surface drive, & Flights

Tour Description

Day 1: Visit the Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela
Early in the morning, after breakfast, your visit will be to the eleven rock-hewn monolithic (carved from a single rock) churches of Lalibela (UNESCO World heritage site, with magnificent architecture & paintings inside the churches). In the evening you will get back to the hotel, rest, have dinner and relax. Overnight stay in Panoramic View Hotel, Lalibela.

Day 2: One more day to explore the Lalibela Rock-hewn Churches
Right after breakfast, an early morning drive will take you to historical churches around Lalibela like the Hill Church of Asheton Mariam (on the back of a mule or on foot), Yimerhane Kirsotos, Nakute LeAb or Genete Maryam. Overnight stay in Panoramic View Hotel, Lalibela.

Day 3: Flight back to Addis Ababa and departure
After a relaxed breakfast, a short flight will bring you back to Addis Ababa. You will arrive in Addis Ababa midday/early in the afternoon where you will do some shopping for souvenirs.

Finally you will be taken to a farewell dinner at Ethiopian Traditional cultural restaurant where you will see live Ethiopian music & dance.In the evening, you will get back to the hotel and spend the night there.